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We're a Digital Creative Agency

We're a Digital Creative Agency

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We're a Distributed Agile Team

We're a Distributed Agile Team

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We Focus on the Value

We Focus on the Value

Rapid Development and Prototyping Using Ruby on Rails Framework

We Design User Experiences

We Design User Experiences

Convert Visitors to Customers

Our Core Values

We believe in great ideas, flexibility and precision. We experiment, we celebrate and we build products that scratch our own itch.

Assumption-Free Software

Software created in a vacuum is rarely great. We believe great software is a product of constant iteration and testing by real people outside of our teams. We work daily on validated learning and lean principles.


We believe in being bold. Bold ambition. Bold design. Bold changes. Bold pitches out of our league. Bold humility to save an account. Being bold takes courage and dedication. We're up for the challenge.


Teams that manage themselves are often better off than teams that are managed by a single person. We strive to be managers of one and only add light hierarchy to keep everything running smoothly.

Usefulness as Innovation

We believe that intuitive utility is a form of innovation itself. We can make an impact on people's lives through useful, innovative software.

Proactive Communication

Prolonged silence begets concern. Proactive communication seeds confidence. With managed client relationship we strive to keep the client in the loop with regular status updates and progress discussions.

Top Players

Great people want to work with other great people. A group-led culture of personal growth and ownership fuels our collaborative ambition. We're lifelong-learners seeking continual improvement.

Wrestle Ideas, Not People

Great products come from great ideas tossed with a healthy dose of friction. However, we focus entirely on the ideas, not those suggesting them. Debating ideas leads to greatness. Demeaning others does not.

Who are we

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We are a digital creative agency partnering with distributed teams of world class consultants spread across the globe. The remote nature of our teams ensures our presence on both western and eastern markets which proved to be a successful model for many startups as well as large established businesses.

We focus on web solutions and feature rapid prototyping and software development, mainly by using Ruby on Rails framework.

47international was born when a group of consultants collaborating on same projects came together under one name and started utilizing strong professional network built over the years. We have started as a technical team but quickly found ourselves partnering with seasoned management and marketing specialists to support our processes.

Today, we consists of highly flexible and globally distributed teams, working exclusively on a remote basis.

Our Stats for 2020

More clients
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Our Current Development Stats

Have an idea you want to breathe life into? We select clients who seek strategic partnership.

Active ProjectsOctober 2020
Released ProductsSeptember 2020
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Our Core Services

We provide our clients with the full range of services for creating market-ready digital experiences and competitive digital products.

Why do you choose us?

We believe that innovation is essential to improving human experiences and creating value for organisations.

At 47international, innovation is based on a combination of understanding both client and user needs through research and analysis, creative problem solving and applying technical know-how. It's about exploring an idea, maximising its strengths, and then developing it into something that people want, and that will make a lasting impact for our clients.

Our favoured product delivery approach is one where we start by defining a Minimum Viable Product in the Discovery phase and then delivering that first. We then measure its success and apply any findings to the next phase of the product development.

Working in this way means that we're constantly validating project decisions which helps to reduce waste and deliver value fast and ultimately launch faster to the market.

We value the technical and business advantages of Agile methodologies. Agility in development allows us to prioritize and develop the key, riskiest features early on in each project in order to safeguard the product's core functionality.

At the same time, this iterative approach provides flexibility to adjust to new information, new user requirements and feedback that ultimately get us faster to that final, successful product.

Our first priority with any project is the discovery phase, where we use human-centred research techniques to connect with users of the product, assess market conditions, and identify key business constraints. The aim of this is to understand the factors that will drive the product’s success.

Beginning our projects with an initial research period helps our teams to develop a strong relationship with, and empathy for, the real people we're making the product for. Which, in turn, we apply to design meaningful user experiences.

To us, this means doing better than ticking the 'usable' and 'useful' boxes - we aim to create experiences that are engaging, aligned with people's natural behaviours, and which they'll want to return to.

We make all of our technical choices based on the unique needs of the project and - where possible - use open source tools to speed up the development process, and reduce costs for our clients.

We're constantly evaluating new technologies to see if they're right for our toolkit.

Our teams of engineers are passionate about the code they write. Following industry best practices - including code reviews, automated testing, continuous integration and planned deployments – we create digital products that are easy to extend and maintain since they are based on a foundation of neat, cleanly written code and sound technical architecture.

We hold daily stand-ups with the project team and catch-ups with our clients to make sure that everyone is fully immersed in the project, whilst regular iteration meetings allow us to assess progress and re-evaluate priorities.

Our culture is based upon good communication, close-knit teams, and full stakeholder engagement through practical workshops and group sessions. We believe that ongoing collaboration is key to creating successful digital products.

Ruby on Rails

Our Clients

Some of the top players and teams we had the pleasure working with.

NBC Universal Hulu Deutsche Bank! Siemens

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You have a proven track record in the software industry. You want to work remotely and have a flexible work schedule.

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  • Agile Methodologies
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Ruby Developer

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  • Proven Ruby Background
  • Result Driven Development
  • UNIX Environment
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